Warning on Fraud Schemes Misrepresenting SCI ECOMMERCE’s Name

SCI ECOMMERCE PTE. LTD. (“SCI ECOMMERCE” or the “Company”) has recently received enquiries on fraudsters impersonating the Company’s employees, e.g., Customer Service Representative.

Please be aware that SCI ECOMMERCE maintains one and only one official website at https://www.sciecomm.com/ . The Company does not send any unsolicited business communications to individuals. Members of the public are advised to take extra caution when responding to any unsolicited e-mail without @sciecomm.com or other unsolicited communications purportedly originating from, or implying an affiliation with, SCI ECOMMERCE. The Company also wishes to caution the public at large that they should not send money to such people/entities. The Company will not be responsible for any damages that may result from any member of the public accessing and or using any fraudulent websites, or from any unauthorized transactions purportedly made by SCI ECOMMERCE on its behalf.

The Company condemns the suspected illegal acts of fraud involving the unauthorized use of its name, and reserves the right to take legal action against any person or entity that infringes on its corporate identity.

If you receive unsolicited communications you deem suspicious or unsolicited communications from people claiming to work for SCI ECOMMERCE, we recommend that you do not respond to their inquiries, do not open any attachments, and do not click on any hyperlinks. If you have information regarding a potential fraud attempt, feel free to contact us at +65 6996 9407 or email: enquiries@sciecomm.com.


关于冒用SCI ECOMMERCE名义诈骗的声明

SCI ECOMMERCE PTE. LTD. (“SCI ECOMMERCE” 或者“公司”)最近收到了关于欺诈者冒充公司员工(如客服)的询问。

公司在此声明,SCI ECOMMERCE有且仅有一个官方网站:https://www.sciecomm.com/ ,公司从不向个人发送任何未经请求的商业通信,建议公众在回复任何未经请求的据称来自或暗示隶属于SCI ECOMMERCE的电子邮件(后缀不是@sciecomm.com的邮件)或通信时格外小心。公司还希望提醒广大公众,不应向这些人/实体汇款。对于任何公众成员访问和/或使用任何欺诈性网站,或任何声称由SCI ECOMMERCE代表其进行的未经授权的交易行为,公司概不负责任何可能造成的损害。

公司谴责未经授权使用其名称的涉嫌非法欺诈行为,并保留对任何侵犯SCI ECOMMERCE身份的个人或实体采取法律行动的权利。

如果您收到声称是SCI ECOMMERCE工作人员的通信,您认为是可疑的或是未经请求的通信,我们建议您不要回复他们的询问,不要打开任何附件,也不要点击任何链接。如果您有任何关于潜在欺诈企图的信息,请随时拨打+65 6996 9407或电子邮件:enquiries@sciecomm.com与我们联系。