Frost & Sullivan Independent Market Research Report mentioned SCI eCommerce as “the leading Singapore-based cross-border eCommerce enabler in SEA.”
The California based business consulting firm compared the 2014 to 2018 historical revenue and Compound Annual Growth Rat (CAGR) of select eCommerce enablers with presence in Singapore.
With 373.72% 2014 to 2018 CAGR, SCI eCommerce earned the “fastest-growing eCommerce enabler in Singapore in revenue terms” title.
At the second place is Synagie, followed by Anchanto, CLEARgo, aCommerce Singapore, SP eCommerce, Shopify Singapore, Vinculum Group, Y Ventures, UrbanFox, and SimplyPost.
The key drivers of SCI eCommerce’s triple digit revenue CAGR are its end-to-end eCommerce enablement services, its links with various brand partners, and its strong cross-border eCommerce offerings.

SCI eCommerce: End-to-End eCommerce Enabler

As an end-to-end eCommerce enabler, SCI eCommerce’s services include Warehousing & Order Fulfillment, Online Store Operations, Digital Marketing, Cross-Border eCommerce, and Customer Care & Insights.
Among the services, perhaps the one brands find most enticing is the Warehousing. As Frost & Sullivan put it, “Warehousing can be described as a significant conundrum for eCommerce enablers. While it is beneficial for them to outsource warehousing solutions to third-party logistics companies due to reduced inventory risk and higher scalability in terms of their business model, brand partners are more likely to choose to work with eCommerce enablers that are willing to take on inventory risk to distribute their products instead of working with eCommerce enablers that are only willing to partner with them on a consignment basis.”
SCI eCommerce also provide another service unique to them: the O2O QR Code strategy. By providing QR code access which directly takes the customers to the individual online store, SCI eCommerce help their brand partners maximize their online and offline presence.

SCI eCommerce: Strong Cross-Border eCommerce

Cross-Border eCommerce is the trade done by customers who purchase products from other countries (outside their borders). In SCI eCommerce’s case, the cross-border eCommerce services mainly connect China and Southeast Asia markets. Brands from China can sell to customers in Southeast Asia (SEA) through SCI eCommerce.
An example would be Bear Electric, leading electronics & electrical appliances in China, who reach their customers in Singapore and Malaysia through SCI eCommerce’s service.
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SCI eCommerce

SCI eCommerce is an experienced high end ecommerce enabler and e-distributor company, with Singapore-based HQ and offices in Southeast Asia.

Adopting high-performance marketing concept and best management practices, SCI has helped brands including Unilever, Abbott, Midea, Oppo, Nestle, Vinda, and Danone successfully penetrate through Southeast Asia and CBEC e-commerce market.

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