How much each Lazada seller makes per month differs, but an ex-senior merchant acquisition of Lazada who had helped over 70 brands sell on the online marketplace platform, Umar Ramlan, said only some sellers make over USD $100.000 per month. How do some brands become Lazada Top Sellers while others are barely getting by? 


How to Be Lazada Top Seller

Think like your customers – is a cliche yet effective advice.

Shopping on Lazada is similar to shopping at a big shopping center. If you can find everything you’re looking for – and everything you didn’t know you need before you see the listings on the Lazada store – you’ll buy everything from the first store you visit since it’s more practical and profitable, considering Lazada often offers free shipping voucher (valid with a certain minimum purchase from the same store).

On top of giving your customers more choices and convenience, diverse product listings increases the number of sales you may get.



After impressing and capturing your first time customers with your diverse selection, they may come back to buy different things. For example, if you sell skincare and a customer buy facial cleanser for his / her first purchase on your online store, s/he may return to buy the complementary product: facial toner.

Another example: if your potential daily sales is 10% of your total product listings, with 50 items you can sell 5 items per day. But with 100 items, you can sell 10 items per day.

Remember, if a customer doesn’t find any products they’re interested in, they won’t engage even once with your Lazada online store, let alone becoming your loyal customer.

Lazada claims over 1000 items are sold per day on their platform, so be bold and diversify your product listings to generate as much sales as possible on the online marketplace.


Optimize Your Product Listings

Write detailed, easy to understand product information. Your potential customers can’t physically touch or try your products before they make their purchases, so your product description and details are everything they can rely on.

Writing detailed description encourages your potential customers to imagine how your products will fulfill their needs and wants, and improves your product listing’s SEO.

Like other online marketplace, Lazada search function works like any other search engine: the algorithm crawl keywords you include in your product listings to match them with the query your potential customers search. This means, descriptive product details will encourage your potential customers further down the marketing funnel, as well as enabling your potential customers to find your products.

Encourage your potential customers to add your products to their shopping cart by adding multiple product images, brand images, product highlights, jpeg product description, and videos. Showcase every feature of your product in the most interesting and comprehensive ways possible, and watch the orders coming in.


Lazada SEO Tips

Lazada search bar only picks up the product’s name, so make sure your product title includes the keywords your potential customers may search.

Example: if you sell electric lunch box and your product title is “Bear Electric Lunch Box B1234”, the chance of your products ranking high on Lazada search results page is low.

If your potential customers search “lunch box 3 level heat meal for work”, your products may be considered irrelevant because your product title doesn’t contain the search keywords, thus it may not appear on the search results page at all.

Consider what words your potential customers will use, and add them to your product title. If you need more inspiration, check out what your competitors include in their product title and add them to your product listings.

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