What do you do after uploading your product listings on Lazada Singapore?

Watching your order page, refreshing every few seconds, hoping someone will eventually buy your products?  

No one says you can’t do that, but your online store will sell more products if you add this step before the “hoping someone buy your products” step: creating a promotion.  

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Knowing how to set up your Lazada Seller voucher is a great start. Now, let’s think about how to answer the million dollar question: what kind of promotional mechanism works the best for your brand?  

Experience and experiment will tell you which marketing strategy brings the best ROI for your business, but it doesn’t hurt to learn from other brands’ marketing campaigns on Lazada Singapore.  

If you’re too busy to check them out directly, we have compiled several marketing campaigns done by different brands on Lazada Singapore.  

Bear “Follow to Unlock Flashsale” Campaign on Lazada Singapore

bear electric lunch box lazada singapore promo yogurt maker portable juicer blender humidifier review flashsale followers  

The electric home appliances brand Bear – most known for their Yogurt Maker, Electric Lunch Box, and Portable Juicer – is combining aggressive price-cutting campaign with simple gamification strategy.  

The brand sets 3 checkpoints for their customers:

  • 300 followers – Bear Electric Mini Fan for SGD $0.99
  • 800 followers – Bear Humidifier for SGD $0.99
  • 1500 followers – Bear Electric Lunch Box for SGD $0.99

Every time Bear Official Store on Lazada Singapore reached the number of followers set as the checkpoint, the respective promised reward (the flashsale) is “unlocked.”  

Having more followers may not directly effect sales, but the campaign makes people anticipate and return to Bear store on Lazada every day to check if the reward is unlocked yet – which means lots of interaction with Bear on a daily basis.  

Not to mention Bear is running other promotional strategy on Lazada Singapore at the same time as the “Follow to Unlock Flashsale” campaign.  

Realme “Gift with Purchase” Campaign on Lazada Singapore

    realme R3 review buy lazada singapore official store ecommerce solution provider

Realme changes their campaigns on Lazada Singapore regularly. Previously, Realme did weekly lucky draw for any purchase of their phone (any series).  

While Realme Singapore is not doing lucky draw campaign anymore, their current campaign shares similar principle: gift with purchase.  

Anyone who buy Realme R3 gets free SGD $20 NTUC vouchers.  

Realme is not the only brand who runs a Gift with Purchase campaign, but this strategy does work, especially if the gift you choose matches your potential customers’ interest.  

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