Customers will buy beauty products only after they have physically interacted with the particular product at an official brick and mortar retail store.  

Every retailers in the beauty industry know this by heart, as every skincare and cosmetics brands – including the trusted, established, luxury ones – experience this customer behavior. Except COSRX.  

The Korean beauty brand sells their products through online marketplaces like Shopee, Qoo10, and Amazon in 22 countries (23 if we include South Korea), and expanding.  

As if making sales through ecommerce is not amazing enough, COSRX has also gained cult-like following in such a short amount of time.  

How can COSRX do what every other beauty brands dream of?  

COSRX Brand Strategy

COSRX is not a mainstream brand, but they are definitely the market leader in the skincare industry and have generated buzzes in the global beauty market. A lot of factors contribute to making COSRX a unicorn skincare brand:  

COSRX Brand Mission

The name COSRX comes from Cosmetics + Rx(Prescription), which means “the best solutions for various skin problems.”   In simpler words, COSRX aim to solve their customers skin concerns with high concentration of active ingredients, sold at affordable prices.  

COSRX Packaging Strategy

COSRX products brand strategy online marketplace singapore malaysia indonesia korea skincare brand beauty industry market leader SCI eCommerce solution provider

The simple and minimalist packaging shifts customers’ focus to the main ingredients in each COSRX products. This aligns with COSRX brand ideology: to focus on the most effective ingredients for each skin needs.  

It also makes COSRX products easier to navigate. Looking for BHA chemical exfoliator to take care of your blackhead? Try COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. Need salicylic acid cleanser? Grab COSRX Salicylic Gentle Daily Cleanser.    

COSRX Products

At the end of the day, the products play the most important part in driving sales and repurchases. So, how effective are COSRX products?  

Considering their customers are repurchasing and recommending other people to use COSRX, we conclude that COSRX products keep their brand promise: to effectively solve skin concerns, whatever your concerns are.  

COSRX Ecommerce Strategy

COSRX official store online marketplace singapore malaysia indonesia korea skincare brand beauty industry market leader SCI eCommerce solution provider Opening brick and mortar retail store cost a fortune, and why would you when your potential customers can reach you through online marketplaces?  

Each online marketplace may attract different interest, and if you’re planning on expanding to other countries, knowing which local ecommerce platform suits your business more will impact your sales greatly.  

COSRX is an example of a brand who knows their online marketplaces, as they sell their products on different ecommerce platform in each country.  

In Singapore, COSRX opens their official shop on Qoo10 and Shopee  

In Malaysia, COSRX sells their products through Play Up Advance and Hermo Malaysia  

In Indonesia, COSRX officially sells their products through Sociolla  

And those are just 3 examples out of the 23 countries they have officially sold their products in.

Replicating COSRX ecommerce strategy is easier said than done though, since you need to know which online marketplace works the best for your business.  

If you’re not sure which online marketplaces will give you the best ROI, contact your trusted ecommerce enabler. Or our recommended ecommerce solution provider, SCI eCommerce.

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