Even if your brand doesn’t officially open a flagship store on ecommerce marketplace, your products will still be sold there. Let’s explore why this is a really bad thing. 

1. Your customers find products not sold by you when they search your brand on marketplaces

  • Root Cause

Your brand doesn’t have an official presence on marketplaces if you don’t open an Official Store. And what happens when potential customers search for your brand on the marketplace? They’ll find products sold by grey market sellers, products which they claim to be your brand’s products.

Only the sellers know if the products are your brand’s original products which they resell (unlicensed!) or counterfeit products registered under your brand’s name on the marketplace. Now guess who’ll get the complaints or bad word of mouth if the products deliver bad experience.

  • Why This Is Bad

Even if the customers didn’t buy directly from you, the customers associate their online shopping experience with your brand. If they have a bad experience, you may receive the damage.

Not to mention had you open your Official Store on marketplaces, you’ll know which products have the highest demand and other crucial data, which you can use to expand your business even further.

  • Solution

All you have to do is open an Official Store on marketplaces, and all of your potential customers will know where they can buy real, 100-percent-gurantee-that-this-is-not-counterfeit products, sold by your brand directly.

If you can’t set up and manage your Official Stores on your own, or would like experts assistance to optimize your store’s performance, click here and you’ll be connected to the leading ecommerce enabler SCI eCommerce.

2. Your team has too much work already, but your brand doesn’t have an Official Store in every marketplace yet

  • Root Cause

We understand, retail is a very demanding industry, and working as digital marketers in retail industry means your workload multiply impossibly fast. It can’t be helped if you haven’t had the time to set up your Official Stores.

  • Why This Is Bad

The customers and your company is not as understanding as us. Not having an Official Store in marketplaces means lost opportunity. Not to mention the potential sales you could make had you have an Official Store may go to your competitors’ Official Stores.

  • Solution

No one said you have to do everything on your own. Ecommerce Enabler exists for this very reason: to support your brand by doing everything needed to set up and manage your brand’s Official Stores on every relevant marketplace. Don’t be shy, click here to contact us. Our team will be delighted to assist you!

SCI eCommerce

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Adopting high-performance marketing concept and best management practices, SCI has helped brands including Unilever, Abbott, Midea, Oppo, Nestle, Vinda, and Danone successfully penetrate through Southeast Asia and CBEC e-commerce market.

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