Every Shopee seller knows having your products seen by Shopee users is the most crucial part in generating sales. It goes without saying that there will be no sales if no one even see your product listings.

But how to get your products noticed by potential customers when there are millions of online stores and products sold on Shopee?

You can go the conventional way: trying to understand the ecommerce marketplace search algorithm, optimize your product listings, and hope your effort results in your products ranking higher on Shopee search results page. Like how SEO works on Google, organic optimization takes time to show results, so patience is needed.  

Or you can take the shortcut: use Shopee Ads and get your products seen by potential customers who search for keywords related to your products as soon as you want.

What Is Shopee My Ads?

Shopee My Ads is an advertisement system where you can bid for keywords to get your products appear first on Shopee search results page.

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Get Your Products Noticed on Shopee Mall Official Store and Generate Sales with Shopee My Ads

Get Your Products Noticed on Shopee

Generate Sales with Shopee My Ads

How to Set Up Shopee My Ads:

Easy Step by Step Tutorial for Ecommerce Beginners

You can’t add new product page when setting up Shopee advertising campaign, so if the product you want to promote is not on your Shopee product listings yet, add the new product before creating your Shopee Ads.

  1. Log in to Shopee Seller Center
  2. Decide the product you want to promote on Shopee. Make sure your product title and product descriptions are updated, with engaging, optimized copy
  3. Go to My Marketing Activities
  4. Click Keyword Ads, then click Add Keyword Ad. This is where you will see the list of all of your Shopee advertising campaigns
  5. Select the product you want to promote from your existing product listings. Use the filter or search feature to find the product you want to advertise faster
  6. Click Next
  7. Select the keywords you want to bid. Think from the perspective of your customers to decide which keywords you will bid. For example, if you are advertising a T-shirt, imagine what words will you search on Shopee if you were someone who wanted to buy a T-shirt.
  8. Set the price you are willing to pay for one click of the keyword you have chosen
  9. Set the budget for your Shopee Ads campaign
  10. Set when do you want your Shopee Ads to start running and when it ends
  11. Click OK
  12. Congratulations! You’ve created your Shopee Keywords Ad!

Shopee Ads Tips

Shopee gives recommendation on keywords which are related to the products you advertise and the price you may want to bid for one click of the keyword. You can follow their recommendation or decide the keywords and price you are bidding on your own.

Easy How to Set Up Shopee My Ads Step by Step Tutorial for Ecommerce Beginner

How to Set Up Shopee My Ads

Rank First on Shopee Search Results Page with Shopee Ads

Shopee Ads FAQ

What Is Shopee Ads Budget and What Is The Difference Between Shopee Ads One Click Bid Price and Shopee Ads Budget?

Shopee Ads Budget is the money you will spend on your Shopee Ads Campaign, while Shopee Ads single-click or one-click bid price is the amount of money you will pay for one click.

If your Shopee Ads one click bid price is $1 and your Shopee Ads budget, you will pay $1 for each click on your Shopee Ads, and your advertisement will run until you get 10 clicks (your budget runs out) or until the end of your Shopee Ads duration (if the campaign period ends before your budget runs out).

What Is Shopee Ads Ranking?

Your Shopee Ads ranking is the order of your ads appearance on Shopee search results page. If your ranking is 1, your product is the first thing that potential customers see when they search the keywords you bid for your Shopee Ads.

How to Improve Your Shopee Ads Ranking?

The relevance of your keywords to your products and the price per click that you bid decides the ranking of your Shopee Ads. So think carefully before you choose which keywords you bid and how much you are willing to spend on each click of the Shopee Ads.

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