To increase your online store traffic on Shopee, you need to improve your official store’s exposure and visibility on the ecommerce marketplace.

If we compare an online store on Shopee to a brick-and-mortar shop, increasing your official store’s exposure on an ecommerce marketplace is the equivalent to opening your flagship store in a busy, high traffic location.

This means, increasing your online flagship store exposure will result in more people noticing your store and product listings. Whether they will convert to sales depends on your brand, products, and promotion mechanism, but the initial traffic will definitely influence your revenue.

So how can you improve your online official store traffic and exposure on Shopee?

How to Optimize Online Flagship Store Performance on Shopee with Ecommerce Enabler

Brand Authenticity Guarantee by Shopee Mall

Shopee Mall boosts customers trust and purchases with its official flagship store guarantee

Join Shopee Mall

Trust is among the first factors your potential customers consider before making a purchase. The brand plays a huge factor, but on ecommerce marketplace like Shopee, where anyone can claim to sell your brand’s “real” products, just saying “we are the official store” is not enough.

You need the Shopee Mall badge, the guarantee from Shopee and the brand themselves that yes, this is our official representative, our online flagship store on Shopee.

If your online shop on Shopee is not an official store yet, you can follow these steps to become Shopee Mall Sellers, or you can contact us and let our recommended ecommerce enabler, SCI eCommerce, opens and manages your brand’s official online store on Shopee Mall.

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Advertise Your Products on Shopee

Optimize Your Online Flagship Store on Shopee with Shopee My Ads

Use Shopee My Ads

Shopee My Ads is Shopee’s internal advertising system, where you can purchase ads space within Shopee’s app and website to increase exposure for your products and your official online store.

The way Shopee My Ads works is similar to Google Shopping ads, as your advertised products will be shown to potential customers who search for keywords related to your products. You will be charged only if the Shopee users click your ads.

Learn more about Shopee My Ads here, or contact us to get the leading ecommerce enabler SCI eCommerce to create and manage your brand’s online flagship store’s Shopee ads for you.


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