Launched in Singapore as the first mobile-first C2C e-commerce marketplace in Southeast Asia, Shopee has become the fastest growing e-commerce marketplace in the region and has expanded to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand, as well as expanding its services to include B2C e-commerce.  

The app-based C2C and B2C e-commerce marketplace platform also has a website to rival their competitors, like Tokopedia, Lazada, and AliExpress.

Besides the “Shopee Guarantee” feature – where the e-commerce marketplace withholds payment to sellers before buyers receive their orders, Shopee’s differentiating feature is its user-seller account: you can sell and buy on Shopee using a single account.

But the most interesting feature for big brands like you is the Shopee Mall section – where the official flagship stores are categorized in.

What Is Shopee Mall

Quoted from Shopee Help Centre:

Shopee Mall is a dedicated in-app space that showcases Official Brands and Shopee’s Top Sellers. Shopee Mall Sellers can be identified from the label on both the seller profile and product pages.

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Brands on Shopee Mall

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Not every Shopee Sellers can become Shopee Mall Sellers. Businesses need to be registered or have licenses, and only global brands and popular brands whose products can be bought at trusted retail stores will be eligible to become Shopee Mall Sellers.

Why Should Your Brand Sell on Shopee

Even if your brand doesn’t open an official flagship store on Shopee, your products may be sold on the e-commerce marketplace platform by grey market sellers. That means you are losing potential revenue, since those purchases should be yours, if only you had an official online shop on Shopee!

While it is still not possible to remove grey market sellers from e-commerce marketplace platform – except in China, where the e-commerce law enables brands to report grey market sellers – you can reduce losses by opening your official store on Shopee, or in the e-commerce marketplace platform’s terms: become Shopee Mall Sellers.  

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How to Be Shopee Mall Sellers

According to Shopee Malaysia Help Centre (last updated 7th December 2018): “Shopee Mall is currently at beta phase where the Mall sellers are on-boarded on an invitational basis based on the brand recognition. We will gradually open up to more sellers in the future with certain criteria to be fulfilled.”

However, on Shopee Indonesia, as long as your brand fulfill the qualification to be Shopee Mall Sellers (see What Is Shopee Mall above) you can fill a form to apply to open your brand official shop.

If you’re not sure how to open your brand official flagship store on Shopee or you don’t have enough time to do all the hard work, you can hire e-commerce enabler to set up and manage the end-to-end process of operating your brand official shop on Shopee. Hiring e-commerce enabler also cost you less budget and resources, and enables you to open and manage official flagship store at other e-commerce marketplace platforms more effectively and efficiently than an in-house team could.

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