Where should you sell your products online? Online marketplace – the third-party website which gives your products visibility to their millions of visitors while making your products compete with other sellers at the same time; or your own brand website – where only your products are available, although you will have to attract the traffic on your own?

While ensuring all of your potential customers have access to your products by selling your products on every e-commerce platform sounds ideal, the limited budget and resources may force you to prioritize the platform which is the best for your business. Let’s consider the pros and cons of selling your products on your brand website and on an online marketplace.

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Promote Your Products on Online Marketplace

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Online Marketplace

  • You Can Just Start Selling

The e-commerce infrastructure is already built in the marketplace website. You just have to set up your online store, upload your product listings, and start selling. The transaction and payment processes are handled by the marketplace.

  • Top-of-mind Online Shopping Destinations

Many marketplaces are household names with millions of users, visiting the site with buying intentions. People are accustomed to going to online marketplace to find products and making purchases, so selling your products on online marketplace will improve your sales – if your products are found and bought by the marketplace visitors. And this is where it gets a little tricky.

  • The Competition

You’re not the only seller on an online marketplace. To make your products stand out among the competition, you can try negotiating with the platform’s representative to give your brand promotional spots or buy the advertising spots available on the marketplace.

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Showcase Your Brand Personality

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Your Own E-Commerce Website

  • Everything Is Yours

All products sold on your own e-commerce website are yours, the customers data is yours, the sales detail is yours, everything is yours – including all the hard work in managing an e-commerce website and attracting your own traffic.

In the end, whether selling your products on your own e-commerce website or on an online marketplace is more profitable to your business depends on your business goals and resources. If you want your products to be accessible to all of your potential customers with as little budget as possible, hiring e-commerce enabler is the best solution. Click here to find out why.

SCI eCommerce

SCI eCommerce is an experienced high end e-commerce enabler and e-distributor company, with Singapore-based HQ and offices in Southeast Asia.

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